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In D.A.R.E. Class Deputy Thomas is telling us not to do drugs. He does activities with us to show us what it would look like if we did the

m. He brought in goggles to show us what it is like to be drunk. It was hard to walk and it hurts your eyes.

Smoking hurts your lungs and the dipping makes your teeth brown. Marijuana and alcohol

kill your brain cells. If someone asks you to take drugs say no and walk away.

I learned if you don’t do drugs and alcohol you can do a lot more with your life.

You can play sports and live longer. I learned I will never do drugs because they mess up your life, like smoking makes you run out of breath real fast.

I promise never to drink or use marijuana beca

use it will mess up my life.



When we went to  camp  OTY OKWA we had groups of people we had 9 people to a group. When we had our first class all the people did not talk to each other but when we dun the first hike we all started to talk to each other.We all started to help out each other and playing with out com plaining about it. We went to the first activity we all help people get threw the spider web and we all made it threw and we all tried to get to the other side of the log with out falling off the log. at  the end of the camp we all where friends.
At the binning of the camp I did not like a couple of the kids that where in my group. But the second day of camp most of us got along but all of us did not. At the last day of camp we all got along  we all worked together.

favorite song

One of my favorite song is grandpa my friend let me listen to it on his phone. and then I liked it ever sens he let me listen to it I got it as my ring tone


If I was perfect I would not spell and any  way I would not be my old self I would not be funny any more the kids would not like me any more because I would half to make a perfect shot.Then my team would not be nice to me they would forfeit and I would be one my own and then I would not win. Also if I was perfect I would not go to this school I would probably to perfect for the school and then I would probably half to wear a uniform and I would not like to do that.thank you for reading the comment.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid By Jeff Kinney. I think a prediction is what you think will happen next. Sometimes I make a prediction because of something I’ve done.

In my book the dad’s been doing Rodrick’s homework. The mom caught him once  so he is doing it after she goes to bed.  I predict the mom will wake up and catch him doing Rodrick’s homework. I think the dad will still find ways to do Roderick’s homework because Roderick will aggravate his dad so his dad will do his homework.

pecos bill

In my book Pecos Bill, he was the roughest cowboy in the wild west. This is a graphic novel and is easier to read for me. Because it is not all one big paragraph but pictures and talk bubbles. It’s easier to read so I pay more attention to the story.

feeling in my book

When I was  reading my book today my feelings  where why does he do that. Because the kid on the other team  keep being A jerk to him .He was saying like” where going to beat your team tomorrow:.The coach told the little kid he was the best chance  they had because he use to play on the other team and he moved to a different house.